Debt Collection Report

Rules and Management in Switzerland

What is a debt collection report?
As the name suggests, it is an excerpt from the debt collection register.  This register contains a list of all legal distraints as well as all natural or legal persons involved in said processes (including companies and associations).  Entries are kept in the register for a period of up to five years.  

Why would I need a debt collection report?
The debt collection report generally serves to determine a person’s or company’s creditworthiness or their ability to make payments.  It is generally referred to when drawing up a rental, credit or leasing contract.  It is common practice in Switzerland for a prospective tenant to present the landlord with a current copy of his or her debt collection record before finalizing the rental contract.

Where do I obtain a debt collection report?
You can order a debt collection report online from Betreibungsschalter-Plus for 37.00 Swiss Francs.  Please note that online ordering is in German.  You will generally receive your report within 24 hours.
You also have the option of obtaining a debt collection report from the relevant debt enforcement office in your area.  In order to find your local office from the roughly 700 currently in operation in Switzerland, you can use the search function located at  Your request may be submitted in writing or you may come in person to your local office.  For a copy of your own report, you will need a form of personal identification (passport, identity card).  The report costs CHF 17.00 plus postage.

Who may order a debt collection report?
The debt collection register is not public information.  Nonetheless, every individual is entitled to order the report pertaining to themselves.  Should the desired information concern a third party, then proof of interest must be submitted, for example an order, receipt, contract or application for credit or lease.  For a lessor, proof of intention to rent is sufficient or else the application form, with which a debt collection report may be ordered.  Due to overall costs, the majority of homeowners require prospective buyers to attach a current debt collection report to their application materials.  

What is a debt collection report with original guarantee?
With Betreibungsschalter-Plus, you receive an original guarantee with each debt collection report.  This serves to certify that the electronic format is a valid form of the original.  The original report is also accessible online with the use of a code.  On behalf of our customers, we will send reports directly to lessors or other third parties.  As tenant, you also have the choice to send your report link and code for your landlord to access rather than furnishing a paper copy.

How do I order a report?
Just follow these four simple steps to order your report on Betreibungsschalter-Plus:
1. Enter your email address and personal data.
2. Pay
3. Upload a scan of your ID (identity card, passport, driver’s license).
4. Authorization (when ordering your debt collection report in person), to be printed out, signed, scanned and uploaded, or else sent to us by fax.
You should then receive your report within 24 hours of completing your order.

Please be advised, the ordering process is in German.  

 Order debt collection report (in German) CHF 37.00